Ensign Broderick.

With arena-sized glam and rock opera-wattage sparkle,

Ensign Broderick’s dramatic, piano-driven sound gushes

with the opulence and flamboyance of late 70s New Romanticism, Baroque melodrama and timeless teenage angst. A mysterious and reclusive figure, Ensign Broderick has emerged out of nowhere

with a fully-formed artistic vision that is completely out of time

and wholly compelling, a lavish mixture of personal secrecy

and raw, naked emotion bared in song.

8/10  – “Dark, lush songs from a Canadian glam cult artist… Sniderman makes old-school glam sound urgent, gritty, and absolutely vital.”  –  Uncut Magazine

Jason Sniderman returns as Ensign Broderick, his 80s glam-rock persona”  –  The Globe & Mail

“The secret glam rock star who was obscured and unheard – until now… reminiscent of David Bowie, Scott Walker, Nick Cave, and, notably, Bryan Ferry, but has its own distinct flavor.”  –  Dangerous Minds

“a dash of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust mixed with Nick Cave’s bold audacity, and a splash of Mick Jagger’s flamboyant swagger.”  –  The National Post

“In this dawning era of hologram heroes, Broderick materializes real, proud and rich in blood.”  –  The Globe & Mail

“BloodCrush – eight songs peddle in momentum built from skillful instrumentation and Sniderman’s flair for romantic scale in his songwriting. After quietly crafting Ensign Broderick songs for decades, the thrill of giving them a public release here feels palpable.”  –  Exclaim!

“The Sparkling Balladeer ~ The pianist-composer has a few things to say about style”  –  Toronto Life

“gorgeous new wave balladry, fluorescent R&B, operatic rock and macabre piano-pop – a lifetime’s worth of influences, all relayed through a cavernous baritone”  –  NOW