After a sweltering summer of hot days, and hotter nights, filled with dance moves and gritty grooves supplied by Ensign Broderick’s four archival albums (Feast of Panthers, Ranger, Beauty Nor Ashes, Only Love Remains), the high-art rocker releases Roomful of Flowers, his third instalment in his triptych series.

Roomful of Flowers delves deep into the sweat and sounds of a swirling sexiness, descending into dark disco and rising again to higher tones and altitudes with alternate lyrics and versional visions.

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Where in the world can you see Accidence happen today? This short film, with music composed by Ensign Broderick and directed by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson, continues to travel to film festivals all over the globe, from Hong Kong to Finland to Cannes. This fall, it will make its Canadian debut with Toronto’s International Film Festival.

Read more about the film and watch the trailer here:

Screening times will be announced August 21.

“There’s an abundance of strong material on the records, which feature glam tracks, new romantic-style synth-pop, string-enriched ballads, and straight-up rockers. His baritone is reminiscent of David Bowie, Scott Walker, Nick Cave, and, notably, Bryan Ferry, but has its own distinct flavor.” – Dangerous Minds

Since Ensign Broderick made his solo debut with Feast of Panthers in March, the Toronto-based pianist/composer has released three additional full-length albums, including Beauty Nor Ashes, Ranger and Only Love Remains, all available to stream here.

Interrelated and intertwined, these offerings explore concept and process while showing the vast panorama of Ensign Broderick’s influences, from opera to new wave, anime to runway couture, glam rock to desert noir.

Ensign Broderick’s aesthetic — high concept, high art and high fashion – has brought his music into the orbits of many noteworthy collaborators, from auteur filmmaker Guy Maddin to internationally renowned visual artist Kris Knight, and to Winnipeg’s New Music Festival, headlined by Philip Glass.

Only Love Remains is the fourth and final archival album to be released before his new album, Bloodcrush, arrives this fall.

Hot on the disco-spiked heels of his official Toronto release show, Ensign Broderick readies for the launch of ‘Only Love Remains’, arriving June 15.

The album delves further into his love of new wave and glam rock.
Get a sneak peak into his influences and inspirations over on his Spotify page, featuring the carefully curated playlist “Hits at the GlamCore” right here.

Those who attended the May 29 show were treated to gold-leaf ice cream, a string septet, dazzling visuals, and the Toronto debut screening of the short film, ACCIDENCE, by Guy Maddin, scored by Broderick.

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Join Ensign Broderick on May 29 for a special Albums Release Party at Gallery 345 (Sorauren Ave) in Toronto.

This special event celebrates the release of his mind-bogglingly expansive and intertwined first four new albums (with many more to come). Since launching his solo career only six months ago, Ensign Broderick has performed in Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg and Austin and premiered a short film directed by Guy Maddin in Berlin, currently showing in Cannes.

The performance May 29 at Gallery 345 includes a string quintet and a private screening of ACCIDENCE, by Guy Maddin.

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“Glitchy, melancholic torch song.” – Variety

“Gorgeous new wave balladry, fluorescent R&B, operatic rock and macabre piano-pop – a lifetime’s worth of influences, all relayed through a cavernous baritone.” – NOW Magazine

Plug in to Ensign Broderick’s Lynchian dream machine, Beauty Nor Ashes, his second offering via Six Shooter Records. The album, an inside out and upside down reworking of songs from his debut, further illuminates Ensign Broderick’s particular and distinct process, where track listings grow tentacles, songs proliferate and the musical multi-verse expands with each new offering.

Feast of Panthers, released in March 2018, introduced Ensign Broderick to the world with a collection of songs from the 70s to present day. The album brought a short film with Guy Maddin, which will make its North American premiere in 2018, a spot on Pitchfork Editor-In-Chief’s Best of 18: Rock playlist and spins from legendary LA disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer.



Today, Ensign Broderick celebrates the release of Feast of Panthers, his Six Shooter debut, with a quickstep announcement of two immediate follow-up releases coming this spring. Beauty Nor Ashes, out April 27, is a companion piece to Feast of Panthers, a portal to the alternate dimensions of Ensign Broderick’s musical multiverse. Then there’s Ranger, set for release May 25, an explosion of teenage emotion in all its angst, melodrama and ecstasy. For an album rooted in the sadness and confusion of lust, Ranger is a rock n’ roll glitter bomb, an affirmation of love and life.

Listen to Feast of Panthers by clicking HERE.

ACCIDENCE world premiere at Berlin Film Festival.

Eccentrics unite: renowned Canadian auteur Guy Maddin and frequent collaborators Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson, all from Winnipeg, Manitoba have joined forces with unknown experimental songwriter Ensign Broderick, from Toronto, to make ACCIDENCE. This new 8-minute film explores narrative as endless, teeming micro-loops of cause and effect. ACCIDENCE will premiere alongside the directorial trio’s feature-length film “The Green Fog” at the Berlin Film Festival this February.

In a statement provided to Paste Magazine alongside the film’s trailer, Maddin describes the project as such: “Every balcony is a poem, a chant — a muscle! But whoever lives with that extra blueprint luxury of a balcony lives on the wrong side of a cross-section, on the busy, narrative-addled side of something like an ant-farm window, a brazen architectural arrangement selling cheap peeks into the naked sideshows of the quotidian — even the grisly. Step right up! Behold! A ten story wall of solid twitching muscle!”

Watch the trailer and read the full article here.

ACCIDENCE features music by Ensign Broderick, a song entitled “Accidence PSA” that will appear on his forthcoming label debut Feast of Panthers (due 3/9/18). Ensign Broderick is a later-in-life newcomer whose influences and process spans decades; songs on this album date back to the mid-70s. “This lullaby is a fractured fairytale populated with ghosts, skeleton keys inserted into closet doors and the outlines of children drawn in broken crayons. Chased into a sense of alienation and then ultimately abandonment, you are given the perfect freedom to choose between recognizing yourself in life and in the unknown, because even a nightmare is a dream,” the artist offers.