For his second Record Store Day offering, the Making Vinyl Award nominated Ensign Broderick announces a double album creation BloodMyth/BloodCrush.

This Record Store Day 2019 edition, a deluxe double vinyl package, includes the artist’s first newly recorded albums, BloodCrush and BloodMyth. BloodCrush, originally released in 2018, is a meditation on frailty and fallibility, a collection of songs that edge ever closer to the brink. BloodMyth, the companion album, is a song cycle based in part on the seven deadly sins, and pushes things over the edge; concepts of personal and political extremism come to swirling, chaotic conclusions.

Each Record Store Day double package comes complete with original cover art by painter Kris Knight and one of five Kris Knight prints, artful booklets that feature polaroid photographs by German photographer Stefanie Schneider and handwritten lyrics by Ensign Broderick, with blood red splatter pattern 180 gram vinyl within (one print per package: either of two different Kris Knight prints: or one of three Stefanie Schneider prints of a Polaroid). This art-packed exclusive offers vinyl collectors a first listen of BloodMyth, the shattered looking glass companion to BloodCrush, ahead of its worldwide digital release.


We awoke Christmas morning to find a thrilling article from The Globe & Mail’s Brad Wheeler, about his “6 best under-the-radar Canadian musicians of 2018”, which included BloodCrush (Six Shooter Records).

From the piece: “Who is Ensign Broderick, and why has he chosen 2018 to blow our minds? It’s complicated. After the discreet release of four albums of stashed archival music earlier this year, the newly recorded BloodCrush represents the grand emergence of a reclusive romantic, tear-stained baritone and unabashed opus bringer. The grandiose Electric Blue wishes Pink Floyd were here; Love Died/Dies Here is operatic in its realization. The whole thing is undaunted. In this dawning era of hologram heroes, Broderick materializes real, proud and rich in blood.”

Step into the rainbow world of Ensign Broderick by owning one of his iconic “Sparkle Jackets”. All you have to do is click here and Follow Ensign Broderick on Spotify and/or Save BloodCrush on Spotify to get entries into the contest. You have until April 1st to enter. Good luck!

Out of scores of feature and short films featured at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson and Ensign Broderick collaborative short film ACCIDENCE made the esteemed organization’s list of Top Ten Best of the year! Thanks, TIFF!

In an in depth interview published last week from The Canadian Press, writer David Friend explores the man behind the mysterious Ensign Broderick and the 60 years of music that paved the road to release. Read the full article here.

Across the pond, the incomparable publication UNCUT gave a glowing 8/10 review to BloodCrush, adding EB makes “old-school glam sound urgent, gritty and absolutely vital.” Read the review here.

Meanwhile in the land of podcasts, “Someone Else’s Movie” talks music for film and Ensign Broderick’s work on the critically acclaimed short film, ACCIDENCE. Listen here.


After the release of four archival albums of wildly ambitious, hyper-referential art pop, Ensign Broderick offers his first newly recorded album, produced by Grammy-winner Malcolm Burn (Iggy Pop, Patti Smith). On BloodCrush, Ensign Broderick channels Decca-era Stones, T-Rex swagger, Nick Cave’s beautiful macabre and Joshua Tree trippiness into a collection of songs that meditate on power, fallibility and the cult of personality.

Read the glowing review in Exclaim here.

The hot new web series, Damaged, released their Season One soundtrack today, featuring music from the show. Included from the season are “I Dream of Seahorse” (from ‘Beauty Nor Ashes’) and “Dead Feelings” (from ‘Feast of Panthers’), which you can listen to here.

What’s does a “sparkling balladeer” spin for his soundtrack when he’s traveling through the dusty desert? Escape From Bombay is a selection of hot-wired tunes for the fall sunsets and beyond. Listen to it now over on Spotify.